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18.Treffen der SharePoint UserGroup Berlin am 24.10.2011

SharePoint UserGroup Spezial Workshop am 24.10.2011

Vom 18.-20.10.2011 findet in Berlin die Europäische SharePoint Konferenz statt. Einer der Speaker ist Dan Holme, SharePoint MVP und SharePoint Evangelist bei AvePoint. Dan wird im Anschluss an die Konferenz am 24.10.2011 von 9:00-14:00 Uhr einen halbtägigen Workshop (in englischer Sprache) unter dem Titel „SharePoint Uncensored: Architecting SharePoint for Governance, Manageability, and Business Value“ für die SharePoint UserGroup Berlin halten. Dan ist ein ausgewiesener Experte und die Themen wie Governance und organisatorische und kulturelle Auswirkungen von SharePoint stehen auch bei uns immer wieder auf der Tagesordnung. Die Details des Workshop könnt ihr weiter unten lesen.

Eine große Bitte: meldet euch für die Veranstaltung nur an, wenn ihr auch tatsächlich kommen werdet.

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Info zum Workshop

SharePoint Uncensored: Architecting SharePoint for Governance, Manageability, and Business Value

Join Dan Holme, a SharePoint Server MVP ranked by Redmond Magazine as one of the top ten partner MVPs in the world, for this one-of-a-kind look at what it takes to architect a governable SharePoint implementation that delivers “big wins” for your business and scales effectively and manageably to support rapid adoption and expansion of this powerful platform.

Over the last five years, Dan has had insight into many hundred SharePoint implementations, across all industries and verticals. While every SharePoint environment is different, and serves diverse business needs, there are common elements, themes, obstacles, and “hot topics” that arise. In this half-day workshop, Dan will provide invaluable guidance that will save your organization days, weeks, or even months of research, debate, and project delays.

The workshop is geared to managers, IT Pros, project managers, and business analysts, and content will range from highly strategic to tactical to deeply technical. The workshop is effectively a half-day mind-meld with one of the more experienced consultants in the SharePoint space.

And as the title suggests, the session is “uncensored.” You’ll look at the good, the bad, and the ugly, and you’ll leave understanding the most important underdocumented and misunderstood issues that can determine the success of a SharePoint implementation.

Themes and topics of discussion and will include the following:

Managing the SharePoint Disruption
In many organizations, SharePoint is a disruptive technology: It’s no longer business-as-usual for users, for developers, for IT, or for the enterprise. SharePoint shines a spotlight on everything that’s good and bad about your information management policies, business processes, project management, change management, and IT service delivery. Take away the lessons learned and common themes from thousands of IT professionals, managers, developers, end users and CIOs around the globe. This comprehensive discussion will highlight the business, cultural, and technical impact of SharePoint on an organization, and the steps you can take to plan for and implement SharePoint as a platform that will support a dynamic enterprise. You will take away a framework within which to understand and communicate the role of SharePoint in your organization and an understanding of the technical, cultural and procedural components of a successful SharePoint implementation.

Architecting SharePoint Governance
Enforcing Information and Service Management Requirements: You’ve read the white papers, you’ve “Binged” governance, but how, exactly, do you design a SharePoint implementation that will support governance, security, and information management? This session focuses on creating a logical and physical SharePoint architecture that effectively supports your information and service management requirements and governance plan—this is the “technical” side of governance. You will learn how to align your governance requirements with SharePoint farms, Web applications, site collections, and other components. Gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies and challenges of designing the logical and physical structure of SharePoint, and take away practical, blueprint-like guidance to what a governable SharePoint architecture might look like in your enterprise.

Wish I’d Have Known That Sooner! SharePoint Insanity Demystified
After years of helping organizations around the world to deploy and implement SharePoint, Dan Holme has found that there are certain pain points that almost everyone encounters. Some are confusing concepts. Some are bad decisions driven by Microsoft’s UI and documentation. Some are due to unnecessarily complex terminology. And some because there are things that SharePoint should do, but can’t. In this session, Dan will share the most common and problematic scenarios, and their solutions, with the goal of saving you pain, time, and money. Think of this session as “Lessons Learned,” “Best Practices,” or “From the Field” on steroids. Whether you’re new to SharePoint or a seasoned veteran, in this grab-bag session there will be treasures for you!

To BLOB or Not to BLOB? Content Scalability and Storage Optimization
SharePoint and SQL Server offer several methods with which you can externalize the BLOBs—the files that are stored in libraries and as attachments—to reduce the size of your content databases. BLOB externalization offers benefits beyond reduced storage cost—benefits that may surprise you! But there’s a lot of hype and misunderstanding about BLOB externalization, which is neither a silver bullet nor evil incarnate. Take away a balanced, intelligent, detailed understanding of the technologies and issues surrounding BLOB externalization. Dive deep into the performance impact, scalability implications, and critical considerations for backup and restore, high availability, and disaster recovery. To BLOB or not to BLOB? There are no easy answers, but after this session you will have what it takes to maximize the potential of BLOB externalization in your storage architecture.

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