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Create a Discussion Board in SharePoint 2016

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Hello Friends,

In this blog, I am going to show you how to do the discussion board and notify the people you want to send out the mails.mails.

1. Go to Site Action, Select  More OptionsOptions  from the Menu.

2. Search for Discussion Board template in the Search box. Provide the name you want to give for your discussion board. And, clickclickon  create

3. You should be able to see the default and  selected View  on

4. Select the  List tabtab A ribbon menu is displayed. under

5. Click on the  List Settings  option of the ribbon menu.

6. You want to navigate to the list setting page, and you should read the default selected views in the section of the page.setting page, and you should read the default selected views in the section of the page.

By Default, Flat and Subject views are selected.

7. To select the thread view, click on Threaded view from the list. you should be able to see the threaded view edit mode. Here, you can set the threaded view as default view. 

8. Check the Make this the default view check box and click on OK button.

9. Now, add an item in discussion board. Enter the text in subject and Body input boxes, and click on Save Button.

10. you should be able to see your added discussion item in list.

11. To see added item in threaded view, Click on the added discussion item from the list.

To configure email notification for Discussion Board Activity, you can read my next blog here

I hope this will be helpful.

Thank You!!


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