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Approval Task with Multiple Approvers

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Faelanstevie erstellt in 5 Apr 2018 15:47



I am trying to set up an approval task that requires approval from all chosen approvers. The list of approvers is not the same for every item created.  The task needs to be assigned to each at the same time.  Depending on the task outcome it will trigger an email to the initiator that it was rejected or approved.  How can I set this requirement up in SharePoint Designer.  I am running into issues with the "Start a Task process" since there are outcome variables that do not work with the desired outcome.

I could use a sequential approval setup but this is time sensitive so the task needs to be assigned in parallel to each approver.

Once this is set up I need to be able to override any approver tasks not yet completed within the 24 hour SLA.  Is this possible?


Please help.


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