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Recap: 37th meeting of the SharePoint Usergroup Stuttgart


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A few days ago we had our 37th meeting. Looking on other SPUGs in the international SharePoint Community I can say that the SPUG Stuttgart is one of the most vibrant SPUGs in the international SharePoint Community. There are not too many SPUGs that had as many meetings as our SPUG in Stuttgart. Although moderating a SPUGs takes a lot of time (mainly for preparation of the meetings and for coordinating with the speakers) I still love to moderate such a vibrant SPUG - and I'm sure that this is also true for my Co-Mod Thomas Tuttenuj :)

On Tuesday 15th of July we had our 37th meeting and this time we had a close look on the K2 platform and the potential that the K2 platform offers in a SharePoint environment.

The first speaker had been Markus Alt (K2 Northern Europe GmbH). Markus gave us an in-depth and professional view on the K2 platform.There are many reasons to use SharePoint workflow solutions. Using the K2 platform workflows provides support for enhanced stability and transparency, while K2 Smartforms can offer a unified look & feel for displaying processes and common SharePoint data. This session has demonstrated how UI, workflows and data from multiple systems can be connected to the K2 platform -without any programming effort- and how they can be accessed within the K2 platform. If you are interested in the slides you can download it using this link.



With the knowledge provided by Markus my colleague Hermann Löh started his session. Hermann showed -based on a real customer project- how bridgingIT has used the K2 platform to setup a workspace for a forms management solution that extensively uses K2 Workflows, K2 SmartForms and K2 SmartObjects. It was amazing to see what you can do with the K2 platform for SharePoint in a real project with real requirements. Because I had the privilege to be a crucial part of the project team I can state that Hermann showed a true Success Story :)



After the sessions we had more than enough time for small talk and tech talk - and we enjoyed the delicious finger food that bridgingIT again had prepared. Many thanks at bridgingIT for hosting the 37th SPUG meeting!

Although we had an interesting evening with two outstanding speakers and two diverting sessions there is one thing that left me contemplative: there had been a lot more registrations than attendees! To keep a SPUG vibrant and attractive for attendees a lot of obligation is required. Besides the efforts of the speakers and the moderators a vibrant SPUG needs hosts that are willing to provide a suitable location and refreshments (drinks and catering). The planning for both relies on reliable registrations. Although I know that sometimes urgent or short-term appointments can prevent one from attending a meeting, I want to draw the attention of all members of the SPUG on one important issue: a vibrant usergroup is based on interested and curious members, dedicated moderators and generous hosts - and of course binding registrations! Just think on yourself: isn't that true for private invitations too?


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