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Error when updating an InfoPath form in SharePoint


Oliver Wirkus



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A few days ago I needed to update an InfoPath 2013 form in SharePoint 2013. After I started InfoPath 2013 and connected to the generic list. InfoPath 2013 was able to read the current form and I made the required changes – in fact I just changed a few descriptions.

After that I published the changed form … and was astonished to see the following error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Something prevented InfoPath 2013 from publishing the changed form. Unfortunately the error message does not provide helpful information. So I first checked the list and after that I checked the content type that this list uses.I did not find any issues here.

After that I checked the settings and options of InfoPath … as expected again no issues.

Because I did not find any issues I started ULSViewer and checked the SharePoint logs. After browsing through the log files I found some hints. There have been log items that reported a problem with an event receiver that had been attached to the list.

I started SharePointManager 2013 and took a screenshot of the event receiver settings of the generic list. Now I used SharePointManager to delete the event  receiver from the list.

After I’ve done that I switched back to InfoPath 2013 and tried to publish the changed form once more. Now InfoPath 2013 was able to publish the form successfully.

I took the scrreenshot and used PowerShell to re-attach the event receiver to the generic list. A handy PowerShell script can be found here.

Lessons learned: an event receiver can prevent InfoPath from publishing a form to a SharePoint list!


Bereitgestellt 8 Jul 2014 15:27 von Oliver Wirkus