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Recap: European SharePoint Conference 2014


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This year the European SharePoint Conference took place in Barcelona – a beautiful and vibrant city and I have been proud and thankful that I got the opportunity to speak at a European SharePoint Conference for the second time. Last year in Copenhagen I talked about the basics of Document Management with SharePoint 2013 and this year in Barcelona I presented a session for ITPros with lots of Best-Practices on how to integrate a Document Management System based on SharePoint to an existing SharePoint Intranet.

The following picture shows the room and my audience a few minutes before I started my session:


Just after I started my session the room got almost crowded. I had a very interested and attentive audience. They asked a lot of valuable questions and after the session (at the speaker’s corner in the  exhibition hall) I had some interesting conversations on the experiences others have made with document management. I want to say ‘Thank you’ to all attendees of my session. You have been an awesome audience and I had a lot of fun presenting my slides. Your questions and your experiences are valuable information for me too. Thank you for sharing them with me!

Yesterday I received an email from the ESPC team with the voting for my session. I really was surprised that my session got that high score. Looks like my attendees also had fun and received some valuable information. Thanks for the impressive score :)

I also would like to say thank you to Jasper Oosterveld who has been my ‘Session Chair’. He introduced me to the audience and supervised my session. Although I tend to overrun my sessions (did I mention that I love to talk about SharePoint?) I finished just-in-time. So I think supervising my session has been an easy job for Jasper – this time :)


This is the speaker’s corner in the community areas. A perfect place to talk about SharePoint. I had many enthralling talks with SharePointers from all over the globe.



This a look on the exhibition hall early in the morning. During the day this place got crowded :)


My second highlight at the European SharePoint Conference in Barcelona had been the gala dinner. The team did a great job – the gala dinner took place in a garden-like place with a beautiful pool. Everything was decorated fondly.



As you can see we (Jasper Osterveld, Oliver Wirkus, Bram de Jager, Rene Modery and Hans Brender) had a lot of fun at the gala dinner.



The meal has been excellent and very delicate. Right after the meal announced the winners of their Top European SharePoint Community awards. I was surprised when my name was called and I have been asked to come to the stage to receive my award.


For the second time I have been awarded as Top European SharePoint Community Influencer. Many thanks to all of my friends, my colleagues and the worldwide SharePoint Community for voting for me. Like in 2013 when I received this award for the first time I will take this award as ‘well done’ reply from the SharePoint Community. It will be a fillip for me to continue providing my knowledge and my experiences with SharePoint to the community. Last but not least I would like to say Thank You to the guys of

I enjoyed the European SharePoint Community. The ESPC team did an awesome job to make this conference a highlight for attendees and speakers. As a speaker I really felt ‘at home’. Everything had been well organized. The sessions had been very informative and most of them provided valuable information and Best-Practices to the audience. I also attended quite a few sessions and learned a lot about the future of SharePoint and Yammer integration. My favorite sessions had been the session of Liam Cleary about hacking SharePoint. I was impressed and kind of shocked to see how easy it was for Liam to hack some SharePoint sites live and online!


The most entertaining session had been the keynote of Rafal Lukawiecki. Rafal really is an entertainer. In Copenhagen at the European SharePoint Conference I first attended a session of him and it was impressive. This year in Barcelona I couldn’t wait to see him again live on stage. He is able to provide expert knowledge in an entertaining and impressive way. I wish that some day I’m able to provide a session just half as entertaining as Rafal’s sessions :)  

Let me end this post with a big big Thank you to the ESPC team. Again you managed to deliver a high-class european conference. You did an awesome and fantastic job. Attendees and speakers really enjoyed the perfect setup. Your intensive preparation and perfect assistance have made the conference to a great success! Hope to see you all at the next European SharePoint Conference!


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