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SharePoint: Managed Metadata site column and the missing feature


Oliver Wirkus



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Currently I’m working on a project that uses Site Columns of type ‘Managed Metadata’ that are created within a Visual Studio solution and are deployed by a feature. To test the solution I created a new Site Collection based on a Blank Site template




After the new Site Collection has been created I used my favorite Visual Studio-F5-deployment to add the solution to the new Site Collection. After that I opened the Site Columns and had a look on my ‘Managed Metadata’ Site Column. Unfortunately it looked like this: “The required feature is not enabled for this column type”. Although now I now that my Site Column is missing a feature, it would be helpful to know what feature is missing.




Looks like SharePoint is missing a feature, but after I checked the Site Features and the Site Collection-Features I did not notice any missing feature! So what’s wrong?

SharePoint is using some invisible or hidden feature that can’t be activate through the UI. Depending on the site template some of these hidden features get activate and some stay deactivated. In this case the feature xxx was missing. As I explained before: you can’t activate it via the SharePoint UI, you have to use a command prompt and the good old ‘STSADM’ (or PowerShell).


STSADM -o activatefeature -id 73EF14B1-13A9-416B-A9B5-ECECA2B0604C -url http://mynewsitecollection –force


After I invoked STSADM like that, it only took a few seconds until STSADM was displaying “Operation completed successfully”.

I reloaded the page by hitting F5 in Internet Explorer and … finally was able to connect the Site Column to a Term Set.



Now the problems is solved, there’s one question left: how did I found out what feature is missing? How did I get the feature’s guid? I knew that the missing feature must be a hidden feature and there must have been a correlation with Taxonomy. The missing feature is used to enable a site column to access the Managed Metadata Service Application.

I opened this MSDN page that lists all SharePoint 2010 features with their ids. I scrolled down until I found feature names beginning with ‘taxonomy’. A feature called ‘TaxonomyFieldAdded’ caught my eye. The description said: “Register taxonomy site wide field added event receiver” … that one looked like the missing feature. I took its guid and activated it … 


You’re right – this is not that all-embracing blog post. It’s just my way of investigating problems in SharePoint – and to remember it and the solution I found ;-)



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