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How to add DocIcons to a SPGridView used in a SharePoint web part


Oliver Wirkus



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Recently I developed a SharePoint web part that is based on a SPGridView. I used the SPGridView to show documents that have been retrieved from other sites based on several conditions. One challenge has been: in the first column should show the DocIcon of the documents that have been added to the SPGridView.


This how the web part should look like (as an example):



First step: you need to add an appropriate column to the SPGridView to handle the different DocIcons. I have added these lines of code to the method that sets up the SPGridView:


The first column of the SPGridView is based on a ButtonField control that is set up to behave as an image. This control is used to show the DocIcon.


A DocIcon is not a static icon. It is bound the the corresponding document type. Therefore – you first need to add the document to the SPGridView before you can assign the DocIcon.


Second step: hook on the event RowDataBound of the SPGridView. This event is called when a new row of data has been added to the SPGridView. In other words: each time a new document is added to the SPGridView this event is fired.

I’m using this event to attach a DocIcon to each row – based on the document (or its type) that has been added before.

Here is a short example of how this could be implemented:


I just take the name of the document (e.g. wirkus2.txt) from the rows too, because I added the document’s name to the SPGridView before. Although the SPGridView only shows the document’s name (without extension), the full path to the document is available too, because I used a HyperLinkField as a second column to add the documents. The HyperLinkField shows the document’s name, but also holds the document’s full path (property DataNavigateUrlFields). That’s why I’m able to have both: the document’s name and it’s path with it’s filename and extension.

To retrieve the standard DocIcon from SharePoint I used SPUtility.MapToIcon(). This gives me the icon’s filename that corresponds to the given document type. The icon’s name is used to create a relative URL to _layouts\images. Last thing to do: assign this relative URL to the ButtonField control’s property ImageUrl. This control has been added to the SPGridView as first column (refer to screenshot 2) in the first step.

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