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Recap of the ppedv SharePoint Konferenz 2014 in Munich


Oliver Wirkus



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The ppedv SharePoint Konferenz 2014 took place in Munich from Feb 19th to Feb 20th. Although last year’s conference has been great some attendees complained about the venue. Rosenheim in fact is a very beautiful city with a breathtaking view, but I must admit that the arrival has taken quite a long time for most attendees. ppedv listened and has chosen a more central venue this year – Munich, just a few blocks away from the main station.

With about 130 attendees the ppedv SharePoint Konferenz is a well-attended meeting with lots of interesting sessions and valuable information about SharePoint.

This year Michael Greth has been the Keynote speaker and Michael gave a great overview about the evolution of SharePoint, the future of SharePoint and the use of social features. As you can see on the picture Michael has chosen a quite ‘provocative’ title :)  His keynote was entertaining and trendsetting.



Like last year I had again two sessions. My first session has been an ITPro session about Document Management with SharePoint 2013 and it started right after the keynote.

I was surprised by the ‘crowd’ that entered the room where I intended to speak – always good to see how many people are interested in learning some new facts about Document Management with SharePoint.



My second session took place on the next day at the same time. This day I talked about Enterprise 2.0 and the fundamentals that help evolving Enterprise 2.0 from Web 1.0. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture from this session, but the room has been as crowed as on the previous days.

My favorite session has been the session of Michal Sobotkiewicz about KanBan with SharePoint. Michael has a very inconvenient way to begin his session. He usually starts with pouring golf-balls, Smarties, rice and beer into a glassy bowl. Always fun to see :)



Another session that really impressed me has been the session of Christian Heindel. Christian showed some SharePoint ‘hacks’ he often used in his daily SharePoint business. I must admit that some of his ‘hacks’ had been cool :)



Like last year in Rosenheim the ppedv SharePoint Conference had been a success. I had several very interesting and enthralling conversations with some attendees about SharePoint and how to roll-out Document-Management and social features in their enterprises. Looks like I was able to give some good advices :)  For me a conference is not only a place where I can get some new and valuable information. I really love to talk with attendees about SharePoint and to learn who they setup SharePoint in their enterprise and to participate on their experiences.

The staff of ppedv did all they can to make this conference a benefit for all attendees. As a speaker I always feel ‘at home’ when I join a ppedv conference. It’s a familiar feeling. Thank you staff – you did great job!

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