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Recap of the 32nd meeting of the SPUG Stuttgart


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A few days ago the SharePoint Usergroup Stuttgart had their 32nd meeting – and it truly was a very special meeting!

After Christian Buckley contacted Michael Greth and me and told us that he would like to make a stop in Germany on his journey back home to the US and also would like to visit our Usergroups I was excited and invited him to join the next meeting.

As Christian is a famous and well-known Speaker with a huge SharePoint knowledge I decided to setup this meeting as ‘Christian-Buckley special’. After publishing the announcement at XING I realized that this event will be well-attended. So I talked to my Location Manager and we were able to make a reservation at the Meilenwerk in Böblingen – truly the appropriate location for this special event. Thanks to BridgingIT (@bridgingIT) for inviting the SPUG Stuttgart and for the catering.


Unfortunately there had been a traffic jam at the highway and some state roads that prevented some participants from making their way to the meeting. But nevertheless – we had a great event :-)




First Christian, Thomas Tuttenuj and me had a closed look at the cars. If you know the Meilenwerk and the cars that are parked there, you can understand why we had to walk around first – this was the reason why we started with 20 minutes delay :-)



Take a loot at these wonderful cars … the Meilenwerk is really worth a visit.


Ok – we started the SPUG meeting with a delay of about 20 minutes, but I was honored and proud to announce Christian Buckley to the audience:




Christian is a very experienced speaker and it is really entertaining to listen to him (I can do this for hours), but it was fun for me to realize that he had the same ‘problem’ like me: we both tend to forget about the time when we talk about SharePoint (in other words: it’s hard to stop us when we’re talking about SharePoint) :-)






After Christian’s two sessions there was plenty of time for tech talk and grabbing some finger food.



Christian Buckley and me joking about a SharePoint 2013 roll-out at Coca Cola :-)



This is me (@OWirkus), Hans Brender (@HansBrender), my colleague (Christoph Müller) and Christian Buckley (@BuckleyPlanet). We had some enthralling discussions on SharePoint, the future of SharePoint and Skydrive after the sessions.


Thanks again to Christian Buckley for joining us and for the the very interesting sessions. The SPUG Stuttgart really enjoyed your talks and the valuable insight information on SharePoint, the social features of SharePoint, Yammer and Governance.


Here are the links to the slides of Christian’s two sessions:

Managing Governance Across the Social Landscape

What Governance Looks Like in the Cloud


Christian’s Review of his visits at the SPUG Stuttgart and SPUG Berlin:



I just have been informed by Michael Greth that he has recorded the first session (Managing Governance Across the Social Landscape).

You can find the recorded session in Michael’s blog:




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