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Recap: 2nd Meeting of the new SPUG Frankfurt/Main


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A few days ago the second meeting of the revived SharePoint Usergroup Frankfurt/Main took place in the office of bridgingIT. After missing their first (initial) meeting I was glad that I had been invited to talk about Enterprise 2.0 and SharePoint 2013 at the second meeting.

In my opinion an enterprise can only rollout the new social collaboration features of SharePoint 2013 in a successful manner, if they really understood how social collaboration evolved of what we call Enterprise 2.0 today. I have assisted in many SharePoint rollouts in the past years and most of them included social collaboration. Some of them failed - most because the clear understanding of what the basics of Enterprise 2.0 are and how they are influencing an enterprise’s internal structure was missing. With Enterprise 2.0 and Social Collaboration the way employees and managers are communicating will change dramatically. That’s why I state: “Expect the Change!” when it comes to rolling out social collaboration in an enterprise.

As you might expect: this issue is quite important to me and that’s why I proposed my session about Enterprise 2.0 with SharePoint 2013 to the moderators of the SPUG Frankfurt.

Although my session should last about 60 minutes I somehow managed to talk for almost 80 minutes. Sorry guys for the overrun session, but you have been such an interested audience and there have been some juicy interposed questions that I forgot about time. Hope you don’t mind :-)   Note to myself: Watch the time when talking about SharePoint! Your talks are too long - sometimes :-)

Here are some pictures of the SPUG meeting:

WP_20130828_006 WP_20130828_003
WP_20130828_002 WP_20130828_007

I had a good time at the SPUG Frankfurt. It was very interesting for me to hear about the experiences of ‘Social Collaboration Rollouts’ of the attendees. I received the impression that most of the them had made the same experiences like me.

Let me close this post with this invocation: If you are located around Frankfurt and are interested in SharePoint (User, Developer, IT-Pro, ITDM, …) I encourage you to join the SPUG Frankfurt. To get in contact click here:


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