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Creating Masterpages for SharePoint 2013


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Yesterday I came back from Vienna where I have been invited to speak about SharePoint (had two sessions - click here for details). Fortunately I found some time to attend a few other sessions and there has been one feature that caught my attraction: the new SharePoint Design Manager in SharePoint 2013. Now that I’m back home again I would like to use the SharePoint 2013 Design Manager to create a masterpage for a new SharePoint 2013 project. So I started with gathering some more information … and I found a series of blog post with a step-by-step guidance.


The following explanations I found in the SharePoint IT Pro blog:

Stage 6: Upload and apply a new master page to a publishing site

Stage 7: Upload page layouts and create new pages in a publishing site


Another good explanation can be found in the blog of Sanna Pehkonen:

How to Create an HTML MasterPage for SharePoint 2013


If you prefer a guidance with more screenshots I can offer this article by Manjunath Chowdary:

Branding SharePoint 2013-Creating Master Pages with HTML Templates using Design Manager


If you prefer a video rather than reading blog posts here is one I found on YouTube (by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy):

How to use SharePoint 2013 design manager to package your branding solutions


Another helpful video is this video by Erik Swenson (this is a very helpful video to understand the basics):

Session 4: HTML Master Page


If you would like to start creating your own SharePoint Masterpage I recommend the Starter Master Pages for SharePoint that can be found in CodePlex:


There is one drawback you should know about: the Designer Manager in SharePoint 2013 is only available for Publishing Sites because it requires the publishing features to be turned on!


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