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Amazon hat ein Whitepaper veröffentlicht, in dem ausführlich beschrieben wird, wie man SharePoint in der  Amazon Cloud hosten kann.

This white paper discusses general concepts regarding how to use SharePoint services on AWS and provides detailed technical guidance on how to configure, deploy, and run a SharePoint Server farm on AWS. It illustrates reference architecture for common SharePoint Server deployment scenarios and discusses their network, security, and deployment configurations so you can run SharePoint Server workloads in the cloud with confidence.This white paper is targeted to IT infrastructure decision-makers and administrators. After reading it, you should have a good idea on how to set up and deploy the components of a typical SharePoint Server farm on AWS.

Here's what you will find inside:

  • SharePoint Server Farm Reference Architecture
  • Common SharePoint Server Deployment Scenarios
  • Implementing SharePoint Server Architecture Scenarios in AWS
    • Network Setup:
    • Server Setup and Configuration
    • Security
    • Deployment
    • Monitoring and Management
    • Backup and Recovery

Das Whitepaper gib es hier (Registrierung erforderlich)

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