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SharePoint Kaffeetasse 268


Michael Greth [SharePoint MVP]

Meet Mike

14.-17.11.2016 ESPC 2016 Wien 



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MVP AWARD 1998 - 2016




Rahul geschrieben re: SharePoint Kaffeetasse 268
on 27 Mrz 2012 2:42

Amanda, congrats on the test. I hate to ask you a qsitueon but I guess thats what your blogs for so here goes.Have you ever seen a situation with a Sharepoint Server 2007, where adding users using the  People and Groups  page doesn't seem to permit users to access the site? It seems that unless the user has a user account on the actual server itself they cannot log on. If I create a user account with  user  privileges on the Sharepoint server itself, in Windows 2003, then the user can log in and access the page, however I cannot modify that users access rights using  People and Groups  in the Site Settings page.Is it possible I screwed something up when setting up the server? The server is part of an AD domain, but it is not a domain controller. If I try to log into the Sharepoint Site using a AD Domain account that does not have a corrosponding LOCAL account on the Sharepoint Server itself, then I cannot log in. If however I create a local user account on the Sharepoint Server itself, then that user can log onto the Sharepoint Site.I'm sure this is wrong, and I should be able to control access using the  People and Groups  settings page.Any ideas?Chris