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Doing Social Business with SharePoint is easy and hard at the same time.
  • Easy, because SharePoint has lot's of basic social functions build in like mysites, ratings, content tagging, blogs, wikis, noteboards, and more. Just start to use them.
  • Hard, because the basic out of the box functions SharePoint falls short of many end-user expectations around social. Customization or the addition of third-party products is needed.

That's why Microsoft rely on the partner ecosystem. Partners that identify the gaps and build solutions to extend SharePoint's social computing capabilities.

I did some research and created a site dedictated to SharePoint as a Social Business platform called:

Here is a list of 39 solutions I've found. If you know any other, please add a comment and I'm happy to add it to the site.

SharePoint Add-Ons for Social Business

Solutions build upon SharePoint, normally you don't have to run a second system beside SharePoint. Social Add-Ons for SharePoint Other Tools + Add-Ons

SharePoint Add-Ins for External Social Systems

These are seperate social business systems which integrates in SharePoint by providing special web parts, shareing user databases or enhancing profiles and more. Normally you have to run a second system beside SharePoint. Solutions Additional Tools

E-Mail Integration in SharePoint

Better integration of E-Mail into SharePoint is one of the most requested social features for SharePoint. Several partners have enhancements. Outlook Solutions Additional Solutions

Connecting Mobile Devices to SharePoint (Phone+Tablet)

Here are some solutions you can access your SharePoint sites from mobile devices like the iPad or your smartphone. iOS – iPhone + iPad Android Blackberry Windows Phone 7

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