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Michael Greth [SharePoint MVP]

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14.-17.11.2016 ESPC 2016 Wien 



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I have collected some comments on the European SharePoint Conferenve 2011 from several blogs:

AvePoint: Conference Wrap-Up: AvePoint at European SharePoint Conference 2011

“On the final day of the conference, AvePoint also participated in a SharePoint Shootout – pitting our DocAve Software Platform against Axceler and Quest. Navigating a course of different SharePoint objectives – including applying backup and recovery strategies as well as content and permissions management – Mario Carvajal, AvePoint Senior Vice President of Financial Services and Engineering - North America, deftly showcased to a standing-room only crowd DocAve’s award-winning features for SharePoint governance and management. “

Axceler's Global Trek = Mission Accomplished

“Gail Shlansky, our Director of Product Development took on Quest and AvePoint in the Administration Shootout and while we are biased about who "won," the feedback from customers and partners we spoke to agreed.”

Eamonn McGuinness

“The Workflow vendor shoot out – at last! I have been to many conferences – but this is my first shoot-out. Andrej Doms (the moderator) gave a nice intro to the shoot out. [..] This would have been a GREAT session for anyone looking to add workflow to SharePoint – and it was fun and no eye-scratching!!!”

Hans Brender: European SharePoint Conference 2011 | Collaboration Days 2011

Christian Heindel: Rückblick auf die European SharePoint Conference 2011

“Ob aus Barcelona, Kopenhagen, Hawaii, Dresden oder Minsk. Es waren SharePoint Experten aus der ganzen Welt vor Ort. Eine einzigartige Gelegenheit um neue Kontakte zu knüpfen, alte Bekannte wieder zu treffen oder sich mal bei den Leuten zu bedanken, deren Blog-Beitrag einen schon einmal davor bewahrt hat, wertvolle Tage seines Lebens für SharePoint-ähm…-Unschönheiten zu vergeuden. Der Austausch unter 800 Experten war äußerst interessant und wertvoll.”

BambooSolutions: European SharePoint Conference Berlin – That Was Then, This Is Now

“Attendees typically know what they are doing in SharePoint and have a specific plan when it comes to hitting sessions or visiting vendors. Very few of the attendees are new to SharePoint like they were in 2007 and, as is typical of European shows, they aren’t out casually trolling for swag and kicking the tires at vendor booths. The conversations I’ve had tend to be direct and productive from a business perspective with a much more focused set of questions covered.“

Victor Wilen: Recap of the European SharePoint Conference 2011

“It was a great conference with good speakers and really nice attendees. It was three days full of sessions, expert panels, shoot-outs and SharePoint fun! Thanks to everyone who was there (especially those who came to my sessions :-) and the team behind the conference! And as always it great to meet up with the SharePoint MVP's, MCM's and now even MCA's!”

Anders B. Skjønaa: European SharePoint Conference – Updated slides from governance session

“A very succesful event that hopefully is the first of a long row of yearly european gatherings of the european SharePoint community. It was great to meet so many people from all around Europe. “

John Kleemann: I love SharePoint, so I love to answer questions

“After 3 days at the European SharePoint Conference, it’s been really enjoyable meeting people and learning in such an open and friendly environment. I feel I’ve learned far more about SharePoint than I can ever retain!”

Frazer McKenzie: Let’s Link Business and IT SharePoint Goals

“Last week I was at the European SharePoint Conference in Berlin having conversations with many influential people in the SharePoint industry from IT Professionals, Developers, IT Managers, IT Consultants to Development Managers, SharePoint Consultants, SharePoint Developers, End Users, IT Pros, and Business Decision Makers. “

Peter Reynolds: SharePoint in Europe: Platform or Application?

“Attendance is not huge (about 750 people, including many SharePoint-focused business consultancies) but all the large organisations are well represented, and we’re hearing many high quality questions and business challenges from attendees.”

Karsten Pahnke: Summary of my Day 2 at the European SharePoint Conference in Berlin 2011

“If you listen to so many people speaking about SharePoint they always talk about: Simplicity, Culture, Business Requirements, Content, People, Slow Innovation and of course Search. It seems to be that the most important function in SharePoint is the Search Function.”

Markus Reisinger Hatahet

"Bemerkenswert war auch noch das Administration Shootout zwischen AvePoint, Quest und Axceler. Ich muss sagen dass alle drei Produkte (Produktlinien) wirklich beeindruckende Features gezeigt haben. Diese hier aufzuzählen würde den Rahmen dieses Blogs auf bei weitem sprengen. Auf jeden Fall sind diese Shootouts eine tolle Möglichkeit eine schnelle Übersicht über die verschiedenen Produkte zu erhalten. Hoffe davon gibt es bei den nächsten Konferenzen noch mehr :) "

BambooSolutions: EuropeanSP: Workflow Shootout - Nintex vs. K2 vs. Datapolis

" If you went hoping to see a one of the vendors crash his demo server or crack under the pressure of the moment and run offstage in embarrassed tears, then no, you probably wouldn’t say the session delivered. But in my opinion, the shootout did deliver, and ended up producing some clear winners and losers. "

Please feel free to add additional blogpost in the comments.

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