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Neue Version des Productivity Hub für SharePoint 2010 erschienen


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Es gibt eine aktualisierte Version des Productivity Hub  für SharePoint 2010, den ich hier schon früher mal vorgestellt habe und den man sich bei Michael Ganotti auf seiner SEProductivity Site als Live-Demo ansehen kann.

Der Productivity Hub ist eine SharePoint 2010 Site, die Hilfe, Trainings und Anleitungen, kombiniert mit einigen Web 2.0 Funktionen, rund um Microsoft Software beinhaltet. Als Trainingsmaterial stehen diverse Dokumente, Video und Audiodateien zur Verfügung.


Microsoft has developed the Productivity Hub to help support your ongoing end user training efforts.
The Hub is a SharePoint Server site collection that serves as a learning community and is fully customizable. It provides a central place for your training efforts, and includes training content from Microsoft’s core products. Microsoft also provides ongoing and updated content packs.
The Hub uses SharePoint Server’s social networking capabilities, such as blogs and discussion groups. In addition, it offers the Coach program, a change management feature to help you train end users to self-help, reducing the burden on your training and IT staff. The Coach program impacts productivity in a collaborative and positive way.
The 2010 version of the Productivity Hub includes a quiz feature, a section called ‘Get it Done’ that offers training for tasks such as email management and collaboration, and also features Silverlight. There will be a non-Silverlight version of the 2010 Hub delivered in late June.
The 2007 Hub contains 2007 content only (v2) with 2010 content added in v3 (to be released in June 2010). You can also add 2010 content packages to your current Hub. Watch for more document on migration from your 2007 Hub to your 2010 Hub.
What the Productivity Hub is:

  • Format: Pre-loaded SharePoint site collection, optimized for Web 2.0 functionality and easily deployed within SharePoint Server 2007 or SharePoint 2010 environment, depending on version
  • Content: Convenient end user productivity training in a variety of formats (documents, videos, podcasts, etc.). Receive free quarterly updates of content that you will learn about through the Productivity blog.
  • Blog: The Productivity blog offers tips and tricks for end user productivity. Use it as is, or your training staff can use the posts as their own to help them get started in running an internal blog.
  • Train the trainer: Includes IT/Manager section to aid with deployment of the site collection, and guidance to develop the Coach program
  • Products: Office 2007 and Office 2010 (including SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010), Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8, Project, Visio, Live Meeting, and Communicator

You can also download additional content packages that expand the training materials you can make available through the Hub.

Also downloaden, installieren und ausprobieren – den bzw. die Downloads findet ihr hier

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