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Mit SharePoint Designer 2010 lassen sich Workflows einfach und schnell in SharePoint erstellen. Natürlich nicht für alle Einsatzfälle - wie immer im SharePoint Designer heißt es: für kleinere Anwendungen geeignet, aber je umfangreicher der Prozess wird, desto schneller stößt man an die Grenzen.

Aber mit selbst entwickelten WorkFlow Actions oder Aktivitäten kann man den Funktionsumfang erheblich erweitern und bei der Erstellung der Workflows den SharePoint Designer 2010 weiter verwenden.

Hier habe ich mal eine Sammlung von nützlichen Seiten und Tools zu diesem Thema zusammengetragen: wie entwickle ich eine Custom Action, wo gibt es freie, fertige Actions und wer bietet kommerzielle Lösungen an (gibt es nämlich alles)


Workflowaktionen in SharePoint Designer 2010: Eine Kurzübersicht

Diese Kurzübersicht auf Microsoft Office Online gibt einen Überblick über die Workflowaktionen in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010.

Custom Workflow Actions für SharePoint Designer 

In diesem Artikel beschreibt Florian Bruggisser, wie man eine eigene Workflow Action programmiert:

  1. Tools installieren und einstellen
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
    • Visual Studio 2010 Tools for SharePoint Development
    • Zugriff auf einen Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Server 2010 oder höher
  2. Visual Studio Solution erstellen
  3. Anwendung Programmieren
  4. Anwendung auf dem Server eintragen
  5. Anwendung über die Webclient.config freigeben
  6. Testen

Weitere Artikel

Kostenfreie Actions

Workflow Actions for SharePoint Designer 2010 CodePlex Projekt von Christian Glessner

Mein MVP Kollege Christian Glessner hat diverse Actions programmiert und sie auf CodePlex zum Download bereitgestellt

  • Create Site Action
  • Get Parent Folder Action
  • Create XML File Action
  • HTTP-Request Action
  • Query XML Action
  • Query XML-File Action
  • Set XML Action
  • Update XML Document Action
  • Call a Web Service Action
  • Execute SQL Action
  • Wait for External Data
  • Excecute PowerShell
  • Regular Expression


Kommerzielle Erweiterungen

SharePointsolutions SharePoint Workflow Essentials for SharePoint 2010

  • Add SharePoint Group - Adds a new SharePoint group to a site.
  • Add User to SharePoint Group - Adds a SharePoint user to a specified SharePoint group.
  • Convert String to Date - Converts a string value to a Date/Time variable.
  • Copy List Item Extended - Copies or moves an item from one SharePoint list to another.
  • Create Site - Creates a new SharePoint site.
  • Delete Item Permission Assignment - Removes a permission assignment from a SharePoint item for a specified user.
  • FTP Upload Item - Uploads a file from a SharePoint list to an FTP server folder.
  • Function With Query - Performs an arithmetic function on a distribution of values obtained from a numeric column in a list. The list can be filtered with a CAML query in order to perform arithmetic on only a subset of rows. The arithmetic functions for this activity include count, sum, average, minimum, maximum and standard deviation.
  • Get Site User Property - Retrieves the value of a given property for a site user and place the value into an output variable.
  • Get User Department - Retrieves a specified user's department property from Active Directory.
  • Get User Display Name - Retrieves a specified user's display name property from Active Directory.
  • Get User Manager - Retrieves a specified user's manager property from Active Directory.
  • Get User Title - Retrieves a specified user's title property from Active Directory.
  • Grant Permission on Item -  Grants permissions for a SharePoint item to a specified user.
  • Loop Through List Items - Loops through all items in the current list and set the value of a column for each list item to a new value.
  • Reset Item Permissions Inheritance - Resets a SharePoint item's permission inheritance to match that of its parent.
  • RSS Feed - Fetches an RSS feed.
  • Send E-mail Extended - Sends an e-mail message.
  • Send E-mail with HTTP File Attachment - Sends an e-mail message with an attachment from a specified URL location.
  • Send E-mail with List Item Attachment - Sends an e-mail message with one or more attachments from a SharePoint list item.
  • Start Another Workflow - Starts another pre-existing workflow.
  • Text Capture - Captures a portion of text from a larger text.
  • Text Replace - Replaces a portion of text in a larger text.
  • Text Validate - Validates that a text matches a specified pattern.
  • Is Role Assigned to User? - Tests whether a particular SharePoint role has been assigned to a specified SharePoint user.
  • Is User a Member of SharePoint Group? - Tests whether a particular SharePoint user belongs to a specified SharePoint group.

HarePoint Workflow Extensions for SharePoint  (nein kein Schreibfehler heißt wirklich HarePoint)

  • Active Directory. The actions from this set allow managing Active Directory users and groups, gets and sets their properties and attributes.
  • Administration. 19 activities to create new sites and site collections, activate features, manage SharePoint users and groups, and check their membership, permissions and much more.
  • Arrays. Even some built-in activities take arrays as parameters. And now we bring all necessary functions to work with arrays to SharePoint Workflow. Activities of this group are included to Free Set of Activities.
  • Data and Time. With activities of this group you can initialize Date/Time variables with values like “End of This Month” or “Beginning of Next Year”, converts dates to strings with rich formatting options, and perform some other operations.
  • Document Conversion. The set of workflow actions to convert documents and document libraries to Word Documents (docx), Word 97-2003 Documents (doc), PDF, RTF, XPS formats.
  • Document Library. 16 activities to manage Document Libraries and items of Document Libraries. Save documents to local disk or network share or, otherwise, to upload files from disk or create new documents with text from workflow variables.
  • E-mail. Now you can easily send documents, list item attachments, files from local disk, network share or Internet by email with SMTP protocol. And even more, you can receive emails from POP3 mailboxes.
  • Lists. 17 activities to manage list items, list items attachments, calculate aggregation functions like SUM and COUNT on list item fields with applying powerful CAML filters.
  • Network. With activities of this set you can send messages to Twitter, to instant messengers like Google Talk by XMPP protocol, upload documents to FTP servers, sent HTTP POST and GET requests and read RSS news feeds.
  • Permissions. These activities allow granting, changing or deleting permissions and permission inheritance for SharePoint sites, lists, list folders and list items.
  • Strings. Now the full power of regular expressions is available in SharePoint Workflows. In addition, with these activities you can encode and decode text, coverts text to Base64, format strings and variables with wide formatting options, join and split strings and much more. Activities of this group are included to Free Set of Activities.

Virto Workflow Activities Kit for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010

  • Sending direct messages to Twitter
  • Active Directory Activities
  • Instant messaging to Jabber, Miranda and GTalk
  • Sending SMS
  • Text activities (capture, replace, validate, format, translate)
  • InfoPath activities
  • HTPP-Activities (receive HTML, send HTTP Post)
  • Grant permission on Item activities
  • Document Library Activities
  • SharePoint Site Management Activities and +100 Activities
  • Cross-Platform Workflow Integration (SharePoint + SUN/IBM/Amazon/Azure/Microsoft CRM etc.

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