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Und noch ein Bericht von Mart Muller von der OfficeDevCon:

I saw a session today about search in Office SharePoint 2007 which was a really good one. They talked and showed a lot of things you can do with search in the new version. The keyword here is relevance.

Some points about what is improved (and what we’ve been looking for!):

  • RSS in search. support to subscribe to search queries
  • A set of (new) webparts: core results (results webpart), dataform webpart, high confidance match, statistics, pagination (paging), search box, best bets and… hidden shared object (for the logic for all webparts)
  • Drill down supported! For example on document type.
  • AND/OR/NOT/Phrase support (i.e. “chocolate coveres” –frog)
  • Freetext(), and/or/not, contains(), like, order by acs|desc operators in SQL syntax search
  • Only one index, which is backward compatible in 2007.
  • The search webservice is also backwards compatible.
  • Really simple query’s (i.e. “carol scope:people” or “carol”).
  • A lot of properties to set in the search webparts!

There is a lot more to talk about this topic, but it is clear that a lot of things have been improved!

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